In our first series of SKIDDO NFT outreach program we have decided to work with Miss Cindy Kwan whose aliases is also known as Cinderella. Cinderella is a free-lance rosemaling artist and has been in this field of artwork for the last 10 years. Rosemaling is a style of Norwegian decorative painting on wood that uses stylized flower ornamentation, predominantly primary and secondary colors, scrollwork, lining and geometric elements, often in flowing patterns. Landscape and architectural elements are also common.  

She has chosen one of her earlier art piece titled "BLESSINGS" to be showcased to the world of NFT on Bakeryswap. SKIDDO played an important role in consulting and helping Cinderella in the whole process of NFT education, digitalization of her art piece and finally helping her art piece gaining market access to Bakerswap NFT Marketplace